SUFI was founded in 2020 with the aim of creating our favourite items in the most responsible way possible. That means organic materials, natural dyes and small-scale, local production.

Can clothing be made in a less harmful way, while at the same time promoting biodiversity, storing carbon and creating community? SUFI is our living, growing answer to this question.


We use only natural, organic fabrics for our items, while also keeping an eye on provenance to reduce travel distances. Whenever possible, we choose local.


Our end game is to dye only from our own local and regenerative dye garden. Until then, we use responsibly sourced natural dyes and rainwater to dye the fabrics, never using any harmful chemicals in the process.


SUFI garments are produced made-to-order. This means your item will be lovingly handmade for you at our studio in Maastricht, while we minimise transportation, overstock and material waste.  

Ecology, economics and spirit are woven together. By using materials as if they were a gift, and returning that gift through worthy use, we find balance.
Robin wall kimmerer, phd
BOTanist, writer